Sports Massage-focused attention on your architecture, your sport, your workout.

Pain Management-finding the source of your pain, work it out.

Stress Management-all the specifics relating to your stress and the pain issues that come from it.

Prenatal-all the aches and pains of pregnancy (I know first hand), handled and dissolved.  I am not afraid to get in and do deeper work with mommies. 

I have studied Aromatherapy and essential oils since I was 8 years old.  I am happy to help your health with these incredible jewels of nature.  Please let me know if you are interested in them.

30 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes

Prenatal can only be 60 or 75 minutes

Any specific concerns or special needs can certainly be addressed over the phone.  There are always questions people have and I am happy to answer anything.

Pricing is $75 for an hour, $100 for 90 minutes and the 75 minute prenatal is $90. 


 Massage by Mya 


​Sports, Prenatal & Pain Relief Massage